The experience of your event Live

The experience of your event Live


Reach your target audience

Our team, your brand, your content.
Live on all your favourite channels.

Flexible live editing, directing and use of in-stream graphics throughout the stream.

We will ensure that as many relevant users as possible find out about your event.

We will provide premises or come directly to you with the equipment.

We will create your original stream interface according to your design manual.

Startups and market units trust us

Join them.


See how we work
for you

Your event does not have to be limited by capacity or venue. Using a live stream can reach your target group even where you might not expect it.

Comprehensive services for your event

Our broad spectrum of services is also why our clients are satisfied with us. Event marketing, interface on your domain and event production itself.

We also do not forget about marketing

The right approach brings positive results.

Interface, branding and analytics

We will create your own original stream interface according to your design manual.

Event marketing

Let everyone know the details
about your event.

We work so that the numbers speak for us.

Stream views

753 203

Streamed events


Questions during streams

37 611

Satisfied clients


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